Installation Instructions


Before mounting the pigeon spikes, you should consider some important notes:

  • First, remove the pigeon droppings from the surfaces as this hinders the installation and also due to the many pathogens that presents a high risk of infection. Therefore you should do your with gloves, safety goggles and a mouth guard work if possible.
  • Ensure that the surface to be protected is clean, dry and flat. Clean it if necessary with a (steel) brush.
  • Keep the pigeon spikes away of children, as serious injury may exist.
  • Note that the distance between the wall or window and the fitted pigeon spikes is not more than about 50 mm, otherwise the pigeons could put behind it. For wider areas, you can install several pigeons spikes parallel one behind the other

Step 1 - Applying the glue

Our pigeon spikes can either be screwed or glued. For durability, we recommend the PestControl24 basis adhesive. This adhesive is ideal for the mount of pigeon spikes on many exterior surfaces and materials.

  • Ensure that the work surface is clean and dry.
  • You should prime porous or absorbent surfaces before brushing glue if necessary with a primer and let it dry.
  • The adhesive you should put on best with a pressure gun (not included) onto the surface to be protected.
  • Apply the glue in finger width (about 6 mm - 12 mm).

Step 2 - Mounting the pigeon spikes

  • Place the polycarbonate or stainless steel bar on which the pigeon spikes are mounted centrally on the glue line.
  • Push the bar firmly so that the glue can distribute well.
  • The spikes can be reduced to the predetermined breaking points simply and easily to the desired length.
  • After the glue has dried, the pigeon spikes are harass and the pigeons will not bother in future!
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